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StarKnight S2 (Security) Vault

In this vault you will find the tactics and intel information that has been amassed by the pilots of the StarKnights and others. Hopefully you will find the information you need to help us crush the Cz and Bz into submission.

Send me input for this page. You may send me the link, or the files themselves if they are under a meg, and I'll post them. If the file is over 1meg just send me a link and I will link to it or download it myself and add it to the archives.


Instructive .Cam files for Download

Bug1 demonstrates fighter techniques - NEW

Massive Raid on Necro and Mac, 30 Aug 98

Goaly Drops Drunks on Macfly, 30 Aug 98

A torpedo drop in RR Big Pac.. remember 150knots... 150ft... watch the ack!

Basic ACM (Air Combat Maneuvers)

Algy*StarKnights Demonstrates B17 Precision Bombing


Online Reading Files

Flying the FW-A4, Lecture by !Mig!-- New!

Fighting the Altmonkey: (Surviving the Hi-Alt Attack)

E-Fighting: (Lecture by Dead Duck)

E-Fighting 2: (Lecture by Dead Duck cont)

Energy Management (Lecture by Fletchman)

FW Strategies 1: (Lecture by Twist)

FW Strategies 2: (Lecture by Twist cont)

Opening Moves (Article by Rapier)


Download the SAC AW Art Program here!-NEW

ACM Tactics

Flight School

Aussie Academy

How to Fight & Win in AW A good manual of tactics.

Aerial Crowd Control Services : This site has it all.... You need to see it to believe it.

StarHawk's AirWarrior Tactics

Air Combat Maneuvering




Files for Download

<None Yet> :-P

(There is a seperate .cam file section)