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StarKnight's In Action (17 May 98)

After Action Report (AAR): On 13 June 98, Algy, Jakes, Rswam, Bswam, Zap, and others decided that Twighlight had to go. The bz were being obnoxious and attacking Azland's southern flank. With a squad of heavy fiters, the 'Knights mounted up and wrought devestation on Twi... not without a cost, however. Pictures and cam file follows:

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17 May 98 Action (Buffing with Algy & Star)

Download the Cam file of 13 June 98 Action

In a photo snapped from Bswam's P38, Fellow Starknights go wheels up with eggs for Twi.


Welcome to the Unfriendly Skies..Poor Bz.. didn't know it was a StarKnight Flite



Zap and Algy save Bswam's Bacon over Twi