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StarKnights In Action

After Action Reports (AAR): On 30 August (Squad nite/day) the StarKnights and St@rKnights conducted combined ops in the region of Necro and MacFly. After a brilliant strategy briefing by General Star, we conducted a massive bomber raid on Necro while Wizz took a diversionary feint to Macfly. Within minutes we overwhelmed the feeble Cz resistance at Nec and had captured the base. Our diversion on Mac then developed into the main branch of the operation. Cam file and photos below.

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Cam File: Massive Raid on Necro

Cam File: Goaly drops drunks on Macfly

Waves of 'Knights take off from Har


"Starry Starry Knight" - A partial roster of the 'knights in action!

"Unfriendly Skies" - chilling reception at Nec as ack peppers Homy...

"One One Thousand!" - Goaly goes vertical hold dropping on MacFly