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Re: The Fighting Spirit

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Posted by Sgt. Natty on May 10, 1998 at 06:02:26:

In Reply to: Re: The Fighting Spirit posted by Spirit on May 07, 1998 at 17:49:36:

: : First i,d like to thank Gen.+Star for inviting me to join the StarKnights ,Swampy for the great wep page and to my fellow StarKnights for making me welcome to the squadron.Ihave a lot to say so to but to make things shorter i,ll say read Sgt.Natty,s first posting and i,ll say everything he says goes for me too.(He,s also a fellow Bermudian!,and one of my best mates!)
: : I must confess I was never realy into flight sims
: : for the reason being most are modern day missle shooters.To me nothing is more boring than getting missle lock on a radar plip firing missles and going on to next target.But I have always been a ww2 buff from my plastic model building days.AW3 as a online multiplayer fills the flight sim void for me like no other game has.But this is not what Irealy want to talk about.

: :
: : I want to talk about the fighting Spirit.You know him as 2nd Lt. SPIRIT,a true comrade.Yesterday I decided that I just dont seem to have the knack for fighters and my gunning is only fair so I decided to concentrate on my bombing.So as not to disapoint any would be gunners with a skipper who can,t hit nuthin ,I flew a couple of solo missions (with mixed results) to see if i had what it takes to be a bomber pilot.
: : It was on my 3rd run where 2nd Lt.Spirit and another person i cant remember asked to join my crew of a B-17and i accepted they,re invitation.Shortly after take off the guy whos name i cant remember lost his connection,leaving Spirit to man all the guns by hiself!Not only did he keep my ass bogie free the entire mission(shooting down anyone who got close) but also gave me good advice on setting up my bomb run too!When all was sed and done we landed safely and racked up nearly 7000 points!I know this might not seem like much to some of the veterans but to a newby
: : like me it means alot.2nd Lt.Spirit went far above the call of duty to help me and for that i say thank you. Star with people like Spirit on our side we can,t lose,and thats all the worse for the bz and cz and Spirit deserves a promotion in my view.(of corse this is just a sujestion!!!) : )
: : 2nd Lt.SMITE

: Awe Shucks If i was as good in a fighter as I sometimes am in a gunner positions I would rain terror in the hearts of all Bz and Cz They would have nightmares about me. But such is not the case for now. I enjoy the gunning positions that bombers afford e and i started to notice some valuables in effectice bombing/gunning. Most important thing i notice after dropping bombs
: with fighters closing on tail is the pilot wants to turn to go another run. This can be a headache for a under gunned ship. so i always try to tell the pilot to head out for a while and then turn after i kill the closet fighter to us. i also like to have about 4 k away from rear fighter before we turn around that should be enough time to get bearings down. Gp1 and i do alot of runs in a A26 and ill tell him to fly it like a fighter because he can. When he does i try to consetrate to the rear because after he engages 12 oclock i am ready when the plane passes to 6 oclock.(there most vunerable time) Also the tail gets in the way on A26 and I will tell Pilot to turn slow if we are being chased so i can get good visual on fighter closing in. The toughest position for a gunner to be in is a side shootout and the best fighter pilots dont attack the rear and dont come without some help. So it is and probably always will be a Alttitude game with the larger bombers. It helps to have a fighter climbing and attacking there rear only at 75 MPH :-):-) Oh and thankyou for your kind words NOW WERE DO I SEND THAT CHECK TO heheheehe
: Always Fight Never Flight Keeper of the leather chair SPIRITS

fighting spirit
Yes I was also greatful for Spirits direction while I was on a bombing mission and his calm
demeanor was quite reassuring, although it did
nothing for my nerves as I really wanted to do
well and I would be lying if i said I wasn't nervous,in reality I was a wreck,thanks spirit,
I will be looking forward to having you onboard in the future. :)

On another note I am of the opinion that we could
use some time honing our skills in training,say a bomber crewed,and a flight of fighters trying to
smoke them or some form of fighter training, I
do have basic knowledge of defl. shooting mainly
due to the time spent pouring over Smite's collection of fighter books,(as he mentioned we were war buffs and spent many an hour with plastic and balsa model projects),but I still need to practice,at present I am little more than prey and would just as well leave fighters alone than be resigned to that existance.Just a suggestion worth considering.

Also +Star I would like to nominate my older brother (lURKER)for a place among the Stars,he's a lot more knowledgeable than n\me and is responsible for programing and upgrading my P.C, at present he's a little disalusioned with A.W3 but I think that would all change when he meets this fine group you have assembled.

Peace Sgt. Natty

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