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Re: Breaking the enemy

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Posted by DLM on January 19, 1999 at 10:27:16:

In Reply to: Breaking the enemy posted by RSWAM on January 16, 1999 at 12:54:28:

The 109k4 has 1 30mm cannon 60 rds and 2 15 mm cannon, Lt. RSWAM this explains your lack of ammo leathity by tryin to load 13mm mg rds into a 15 mm cannon. This practice is not recommended as it can cause misfires or even an explosion. :)

: Pilot: Lt. RSWAM
: 0830:
: Scrambled from Baron on a routine high alt interdiction mission
: targeted at enemy bombers in a ME-109K4. Its high rate of climb and superb
: high alt. Performance, 30mm cannon and heavy 13mm machine guns
: makes this bird a good match for high alt. (30k+) interceptions.

: 0835:
: Set a steady climb rate and westerly course. DAR indicated
: a Cz’s B17 in the immediate sector. Quick calculations indicated 30k alt.
: On a easterly course. No additional enemy units were observed.

: 0845:
: With WEP engaged rapidly climbed through the
: slightly overcast sky. Gained visual on the enemy plane at about 20k.
: Adjusted pursuit curve to maximize rate of climb while
: maintaining visual contact and an IAS that provided a sufficient closure rate.

: 0855:
: Obtained a position at 1 o’clock off the B17 and 3k above
: with a separation of 1500 - 2000 yrds.

: 0856:
: Commenced firing pass from enemy’s 3 o’clock high position ending at 7 o’ clock
: low. Observed minor hits - no smoke. No return fire.

: 0857:
: Zoomed for alt. and entered hard left bank closing on the B17’s 6 o’clock
: position. Closed to 800 yrds. Prior to firing observed single crew member
: bailing out. Cut throttle and banked but did not observe chute.

: 0905:
: Landed at Baron.

: Conclusion: Enemy does not follow our example of dying with our planes
: in an honorable death - no matter what. Big sign of weakness.

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