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Re: Salute to All StarKnights for there Assistance

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Posted by +Star on December 07, 1998 at 12:02:12:

In Reply to: Salute to All StarKnights for there Assistance posted by Jeff Souders on November 29, 1998 at 00:50:01:

: Since coming online back in June(Gamestorm that is) and finding Air warriors, the bug has bittin and is chewing at my every free moment to get in front of the computer and do what we do!-->> Kill B's and C's! A month ago I solicited Star if he was recruiting and his few questions where easy to answer and best part is I felt I fit right in! ( Truely though I was scoping to join a squad and my research put this one as front runner) My reputation on dogfightin is starting to show up with those little messages from the other side of the river like nice fight want to duel! ( And I at this point have only learned to fly the spit well ) But what impresses me most is the squad I've become apart of, team work, a sense of command, and more than that lets have fun doing this! As you all know this VOX thing has me at my wits end but in time I'll get that figured out, but the help from all in the squad as to what the problem could be, has made somewhat a computer nurd of me now! Hats off too all that has given me advice in one way or another! So just short of me putting my foot thru this computer in figureing this VOX out I salute you all and look forward to being a contributing part of this squad!

: Jeff (My real Name)
: PS. Rutro <<--- Pronounced rutrow
: like in the cartoon Jetsons Rutrow Reroy (HEHE)

We're glad you're here! The StarKnights are the oldest Az squadron in RRE1, and we began as defenders of Whitecat...the only base Az had most nights. :(
The worm has turned and more squads have appeared.
AzLand now juts into 'enemy terr.' quite often!
We're glad you've chosen us.


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