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RR Big Pac Action (12 Aug 98)

After Action Report (AAR): As part of the StarKnights' efforts to evaluate a possible move to Relaxed Realism Big Pac, I offer these views of the arena. Please excuse the quality, my favorite photo editor expired, and I am looking for a replacement!

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17 May 98 Action (Buffing with Algy & Star)

Download the Cam file of 13 June 98 Action

"Small Plane, Big Water." Wheels up with a Wildcat (Dweebcat) from the carrier Hiro in RR Big Pac.

"Bali Hi" Exotic Scenery, can't beat the view... but where are the enemies?

"Yeeehaw!" Bswam can't help but play in the thermals above this crater!

"Smoke on the Water." My torpedo leaves a wake for the Cz Carrier as flak pellets me with shrapnel